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Non Verbal Training

Release and understand the power of the Non Verbal.
Learn to speech, understand human behaviour and know your own bodylanguage

Team coaching

Get the most out of your team, in Sports or in business  By understanding the innerworks of the human mind, exercising core principles of working together and adopting the right mindset we can unleash the full potential of your team.


Get the most out of your work or your personal life by having a sidekick guiding you to your destiny, the fastest way possible.

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“Neen, geen therapie waar er wordt gegraven naar het verleden en heel je IK wordt geanalyseerd vanuit dat verleden. Als je dat zoekt, sla deze pagina dan maar om! Als grote fan van Creative Consiousness, kan ik je vertellen dat je wél jezelf gaat ontdekken. Dat mensje dat in jou zit met verschillende dromen en ideeën die enkel en alleen van jou zijn; juist dat ga je weer helder kunnen zien! Je slaat een nieuwe weg in en dat is geheel aan jezelf te danken! Zoek je het bos door de bomen? Ik raad je aan om op stap te gaan met Filip! Hij zal jou doen laten nadenken, jou helpen sturen. En dit zonder de weg uit te stippelen, want dat doe jij! En geloof me, op het einde van de rit met Filip, zeg je trots dankjewel tegen jezelf! Want in deze coaching staat Jouw IK centraal! Succes!”

Marjolein F.

“I was not sure what to expect from coaching as I had been to a counsellor some time back, I had found counselling very useful to help me understand why I do the things I do, but something was still missing for me and I just felt stuck despite having that understanding. My experience of coaching with Filip was nothing short of enlightening, it helped me work out exactly what it is I wanted and set me along the path with solid action steps. I drove the process and felt 100% confident afterwards that I had worked out the best solution for myself. What I’ve learned from Filip is that everything starts when you begin to change inside, when you begin to see positively the things in life. Think of one goal and focus on it, only positively. After some time, you will begin to see and find things related to that goal, as if new opportunities are opening up. The next step is to expect positive results, we call it Law of attraction who’s connected with Law of expectation, and the two usually work in harmony. I feel like a door has been opened to the most exciting part of my life, I can’t wait for the rest! I can’t thank Filip enough for the wonderful insight, for the support, encouragement and belief in me!”

Siham C.

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Marc Steinberg on Coaching

Benefit of coachings by ICF

Improved work performance
Improved Self Confidence
Improved Relations
Return on investment

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